Student Success in College: Doing What Works!
is a research-based first-year seminar textbook that
uses a Guided Pathways framework to help students choose and stay on a career path.  This textbook is used at over 120 colleges in more than 30 states.

Student Success in College:  Doing What Works! 3rd edition:

  • An academically rigorous text that includes original research studies and summaries of research

  • Just 7 chapters to allow for more in-depth exploration of success strategies and opportunity to build information literacy and critical thinking skills

  • Strong focus on career exploration and skill development

  • Evidence-based study strategies

  • Robust support for students and instructors

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First-Year Seminar Research

Faculty Training Videos for Student Success in College:  Doing What Works!

The Value of Teaching
Teaching Students about Research
The Jigsaw Classroom
Group and Presentation Skills
Goal Setting and a Visual Imagery Activity