Scholarly teaching is all about putting research into practice in our classrooms.  Sharing practical, evidence-based teaching and learning strategies with colleagues across the nation is one of the most effective ways we can all be the best at what we do.  Sign up for the mailing list to receive scholarly teaching tips that are grounded in research. 


This website was created to provide faculty with scholarly teaching resources. Resources include books, articles, presentation handouts, and a bibliography of research studies on scholarly teaching. In addition, you'll find information about the types of presentations and consulting services that Dr. Harrington can provide at your college or university. 

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National expert on first-year seminars, teaching and learning, and Guided Pathways.

Associate Professor and Co-Coordinator, Ed.D. in Community College Leadership, New Jersey City University



2016 Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminar Award Recipient,
National Resource Center on First-Year Experience and McGraw Hill

2016 Excellence in Teaching Award, Middlesex County College

Featured on TV: 
Keynote Speaker at
Michigan Technical College