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Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA) Scholarship of Pedagogy Conference. Keynote Presenter 11.14.20

Midwest Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference Keynote Presenter, South Bend, Indiana April 9, 2021

Transformative Learning Conference Keynote Presenter,

Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN 8.19.21

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Featured on TV:  Keynote Speaker at Teaching and Learning Conference at Michigan Technical University


I would be more than happy to talk to you about your specific professional development needs.  I have provided 1 day-week-long workshops for many colleges and universities across the United States on topics that are meaningful to faculty from all disciplines and also on topics that are particularly useful to special populations such as First-Year Seminar instructors.  In addition to in-person workshops and presentations, I have also been a keynote presenter at virtual conferences and have done numerous interactive webinars.  See below for some suggested topics or email me at drchristineharrington@gmail.com or call me at 732.690.2090 to discuss your specific professional development needs.  


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During this engaging presentation, participants will learn what the research says about the purpose and power of the syllabus.  Specifically, we'll focus on how the syllabus can be used as a motivational tool.  Research based ideas on how to construct an effective syllabus will be shared.  For instance, there will be a discussion about what type of information and what level of detail to include on the syllabus.  Participants will walk away inspired to make the most of this important document and will have several practical ideas about how to do so.

Don’t stop lecturing!  Research shows that lecturing is one of the best ways to teach novice learners (also known as first year students).   Come explore how to maximize the effectiveness of your lecture by activating prior knowledge, zooming in on the most important concepts, integrating brief opportunities to reflect and process information, effectively using multi-media, and incorporating retrieval practice opportunities.  You’ll walk away with several easy to implement strategies designed to increase learning.


Active learning is a “buzz” word we frequently hear in education but what really works?  This extremely interactive workshop will get you involved and engaged with research on active learning and group strategies. The emphasis will be on putting research into practice and applying findings to your educational setting.   Roll up your sleeves and get ready to mix it up with many group activities you can bring back to your classroom!

Maximizing Learning via Increased Feedback: In Person and Online Strategies

Feedback is one of the most powerful ways to learn, yet students are not offered enough opportunities to benefit from feedback.  During this workshop, we'll explore the value of feedback and several strategies to increase feedback opportunities for students while not overly taxing instructor time.  Specifically, we'll discuss linked assignments, finding opportunities for verbal feedback, and strategies to increase the effectiveness of peer feedback.

Infusing Study Skills into Content Courses

With student success as your mission, it is important to assist students with becoming effective learners so they can master your course content, yet there is always so much to do and so little time!  Come discover student success research and some simple, yet powerful strategies you can use in your class to assist students with achieving high levels of success!

Increasing Rigor in First-Year Courses

First-year seminar courses can be critically important.  Explore the research on the level of rigor in first-year courses and strategies to challenge and support students so that they develop strong a knowledge base and skills right from the start of their college experience.

Beyond Interests and Abilities: A More Comprehensive Approach to Career Exploration

With endless career options, it’s not surprising that many students are overwhelmed when it comes to career decision making.  Others may have “decided” prematurely without engaging in career exploration.  What strategies can we use to help students choose a career path?   While thinking about interests and abilities may be a good first step, this is not enough.  Values, self-efficacy, and action steps are also important parts of the process. In this webinar, we’ll put theory and research into practice by identifying teaching approaches and assignments that will set the stage for career decision making success!

The Power of Mindset: Fostering Student Success

During this interactive workshop, you will discover research based strategies to foster academic resilience in your students.  Dweck's work in the area of attribution theory will serve as a backdrop for our conversations on promoting a positive and productive mindset.  The powerful role of faculty and others on campus will be discussed as will numerous supportive strategies.  

A common complaint from college faculty is that "students don't read the text or other assigned readings".  As textbooks and other scholarly sources are an essential information source, faculty members need to do what they can to alleviate this problem.   This workshop will review research studies on reading and will focus on the practical application of these findings.  Specifically, strategies to increase student reading behavior and positive approaches to accountability will be discussed.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills via Online Discussions: Developing Questions and Managing Conversations

Online conversations are often a primary learning activity in online coursework and are being more frequently as a supplement to traditional class experiences.  However, it can be quite challenging to craft questions or prompts that will serve as a springboard for high level conversations.  During this interactive session, best practices in online conversations will be discussed.  Participants will be engaged in dynamic exercises related to developing questions and prompts.  Come discover how to get the most out of online conversations, building critical thinking skills, as we tackle challenging issues such as question creation and managing discussions.

The Science of Motivating Students: Doing What Works!

Perhaps one of the most important student success factors is motivation, yet faculty members often struggle with how to best motivate students and ultimately influence student learning.  Theory and research on student motivation will come alive in this interactive workshop. The focus will be on how motivational theory and interesting findings from research studies can be used to positively influence student learning, putting research into immediate practice in your college classroom and institution.  Come and learn what works!

The Process of Becoming a Critical Thinker: The Faculty Role

Critical thinking skills are essential in college and beyond yet finding strategic ways to teach these skills can be a challenge.  Come discover what foundational skills and learning conditions are needed in order for students to become critical thinkers.  The importance of and strategies to increase background knowledge and increase self-effiacy and motivation will be discussed.  In addition, a strategies to creating a challenging yet supportive environment will be shared.  Participants will walk away with practical strategies are are based on research and theory.

There’s a lot of buzz around the flipped classroom model but does it work? During this highly interactive session, we’ll review the history of this model and then focus on the pros and cons of the flipped classroom, especially in first-year courses.  Come explore the research and begin to think about what is perhaps the more important question:  Given all of the tools available, how can we maximize learning in and out of the classroom? 

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Where has Dr. Harrington presented?


American Psychological Association Annual Convention

Annual Conference of the First-Year Experience (Plenary)

Atlantic Coast Teaching of Psychology Conference

Bronx Community College Excellence

College Reading and Learning Association

Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy (Keynote)

Engaging Learners in the 21st Century Conference 

Innovative Educators

Jobs for the Future Policy Meeting

Leadership Symposium at Mercer County Community College (Plenary)

League for Innovation in the Community College

Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching (Plenary)

NACADA, The Global Community for Academic Advising

New Jersey Association of New Student Advocates

New Jersey Council of Community Colleges Best Practices

NJPA CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association)

POD Network Conference

Two Year First Year Conference


State-Level Work at Center for Student Success


New York

North Carolina



Colleges and Universities

Atlantic Cape Community College, NJ

Bergen County College, NJ

Brescia University, KY

California State University, Stanislaus CA

Camden County College, NJ

Chippewa Valley Technical College, WI

Central Oregon Community College, OR

Catawba College, NC

College of St. Elizabeth, NJ

College of Charleston, SC

Columbia University, NY

Community College of Philadelphia, PA

Connecticut Center for Student Success

Cumberland County College, NJ

Daytona State College, FL

Devry- Mirimar FL

Harrisburg Area Community College, PA

Herkimer County College, NY

Hudson County Community College, NJ

Inter-American University, Metropolitan Campus, Puerto Rico

Joliet Junior College, IL

Kansas State University, KS

Kean University, NJ

Lee College, TX

Metropolitan Community College, MO

Michigan Technological University, MI

Montclair State University, NJ

New York City College of Technology, NY

Northeast State Community College, TN

Norwalk Community College, CT

Ocean County College, NJ

Quinnipiac University, CT

Raritan Valley Community College, NJ

Salem Community College, NJ

Sam Houston State University, TX

State University of New York- Oneonta and Cobbleskill, NY

Stockton University, NJ

Temple University, PA

Texas Wesleyan University, TX

The College of New Jersey, NJ

Trinity University, Washington DC

University of Central Florida, NY

University of Houston, TX

University of South Carolina, SC

University of South Carolina Upstate, SC

University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, WI

University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, WI

University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, WI

University of Wisconsin System- Faculty College, WI

University of St. Thomas, TX

Utah State University, UT

Warren County College, NJ

William Paterson University, NJ

Westchester Community College, NY

Worchester State University, MA

York College, PA


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