Guided Pathways is a national movement aimed at improving student success outcomes.  Colleges and universities embracing this work engage in collaborative, institution-level reform that targets the following essential practices:

  • Establishing Pathways

    • Defining Programs and Paths

    • Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences

  • Navigating Pathways

    • Helping Students Choose a Pathway

    • Helping Students Stay on a Pathway

Making the Case for a Guided Pathways Informed First-Year Seminar: Frequently Encountered Concerns

Dr. Harrington provides consulting on Guided Pathways.  With a strong background in student services and academic affairs combined with her state and national involvement with the Guided Pathways movement, she provides high-quality, individualized consultation and professional development.  Her areas of specialty are the first-year seminar and faculty engagement/teaching and learning.  Contact her at
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Guided Pathways and the First-Year Seminar Resources

Student Success in College:  Doing What Works!  3rd edition, a research-based first-year seminar textbook aligned to Guided Pathways

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The Faculty Role in Guided Pathways

Why the First-Year Seminar Matters:  Helping Students Choose and Stay on a Career Path, a book for student success champions

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